Miller Senior Portrait

Holy crap this girl has got the whole package! She’s a bombshell! I Loved! working with her! Her personality is so down to earth and easy going but at the same time just enough edge to her 🙂 And this girl has style. I wish she could just buy my clothes and assemble outfits for me. But she’s definitely bright and will go far in life! I’m glad I got to do her senior portraits!

She is a natural model, it was ridiculously easy to get her in poses (the rare times I had to pose her) but for the most part she was striking her own poses and nailin ’em right on the head! And half the time she wasn’t even attempting to pose, she was just taking her normal stance.

If she’s looking familiar to you it’s because I shot her with her mom and her siblings last summer 🙂 The Romprey family if you would like to look it up…

Even with her super pretty heels she was down to do anything I asked her to do, including laying in the dirt with her pretty WHITE lace dress. Don’t worry, we saved that for last and her dress is still white 🙂


Hammer & Donahue Family

Ahhh I love my job. This one as well as my full time one really 🙂 Because I love having regular clients such as these lovely ones.

I was lucky enough to shoot some family portraits for them a little while back. And they haven’t had pictures done for two years, so I’m glad they chose me again 🙂 It just so happened that they were able to get ALL the kids together as well as the husbands on this one day. But only for a certain amount of time because then they had to go to work, etc. But as luck would have it, I was free for that specific time slot.

Seriously, this family is the best. I love ’em!! And I’ve been dying to do a tug of war shot for a long time now, so I figured what better family than this one to finally get my shot 🙂 Tell you what, these ladies can hold their own still being all dolled up and lookin hot. I’d say they put up a pretty good fight!

If you follow me then you’ll know I LOVE candid shots more than anything. It seriously overjoys me. However, given the time and how many people we had, we really had to stay on top of things and just get all these portraits shot. Which we did because this family had it all together and were super gorgeous/handsome and we blew right through it 🙂

Sidwell Family

Here they are again 😀 Vicky, Richard and their ever lovely Kailee! I love it when I get to grow with the families like I have them…it’s insane how much Kailee has grown just since the wedding! She’s walking around and everything!

During the shoot she kept pointing and doing that cute puckered lip face…so cute it can make even the most senile person smile. Ahhhh….I can’t wait to shoot this family again! Hey their anniversary will be coming up in a handful of months *wink* *wink*

Casteneda Family

First of all, this family is freakin gorgeous! Inside and out. I actually work with Robert (the dad) which is how I came to meet his very lovely family. His wife Jodee is smokin hot, ain’t she? You can’t even tell she’s had any kids! But seriously though, it was great working with this family. Their kids are some of the best raised kids I’ve ever met! INCREDIBLY polite, well spoken, well behaved and they all love each other! Love ’em!

Stevens Wedding

I first off need to apologize as I haven’t posted ANYTHING since August of 2012. I’m still keeping busy…but perhaps I’m too busy and that’s why I haven’t posted. So here I am, trying to update 🙂

SO! I LOVE this girl’s entire family!! I could go on for hours about how they’re all my favorite customers. I did Vicky & Richard’s engagements, this is their wedding, and just recently I did some family portraits of their family of 3, as well as Vicky’s family portraits…so keep harassing me, and I’ll get them all up 🙂

I loved their wedding! Again with the camo- my favorite! And pss….I caught her dad with tears in his eyes as they were dancing! It was a blast! I’m glad I get to grow with her family and keep in touch with them! 😀

Stevens/Sidwell Bridals

Congrats Vicky & Richard! Their wedding was last night! And I have been DYING for the wedding to come so I can post her bridals up! She is ABSOLUTELY breathtaking in her dress! Seriously gorgeous!

So the first place I took her and her posse, I had her sitting next to those lavender flower/weed things and discovered she had allergies! :S So we had to move really quickly because the next location was with all the sunflowers! But she was a trooper for sure! And it paid off because look at how stunning she is in her pictures! One of them of her I just loved even though she wasn’t looking at me, I loved her eyes. The one with her in front of the doors looking out of them, is one of my absolute favorites! The lighting was perfect (well…after a little help with my Jeep’s spotlights) She looks like one of those wedding dress models!

And I hope when Kailee gets married, she has the picture of her and her mommy printed huge somewhere. Because it’s one of the most adorable things ever! So lovely. 😀

Romprey Couple

So if you’ve been following me, then you would have been going through the Willis/Donahue Wedding. Remember that sweet photo of the couple dancing nuzzling each other? And you said, “Ahh…” Well guess what? This is just that couple! I know, lucky me! I scored such a sweet couple for some clients! (And yes, be jealous)

They are an absolutely amazing pair! So sweet and tender towards each other. And he’s a true gentleman! I’m going to toot that horn for sure!! He walked over to her side of the truck and opened the door for her and everything. I love it!

So to explain some of these photos…you know the one toward the end, with the sequence of four? Wondering what’s goin on there? Well if you’ve ever been on a shoot with me, you know I like to hang back quite often and catch some pictures of the couple in their own realm, ya know- without feeling like they’re being watched like a hawk because I’m so close. Well anyways, I was doing just that…Renee had grabbed some little hail balls that were still frozen up there (we were on the mountain) and yes, she really did put them down Adam’s shirt 😀 And as you can see, he tried to stop her, but without much luck. And then you see his face squinting in the next frame. Hehe… you might say that was pretty cold by the look on his face. Ahhh…I do enjoy those frames 😀

And then there’s a couple where I caught their silhouettes from the back window of the truck. They were inside, and I was on the outside, taking advantage of the lighting. That one might be kind of a hard one to see, but now you know what you’re looking for! And there is another one that might also be a little hard to catch at first. I took a picture of the side mirror, with their reflection in it.

Have I already mentioned how much I enjoyed working with them?! Because I really did! Renee is the absolute sweetest and Adam has himself a real catch there! And Adam is so loving and SUCH a gentleman to her! I love that there’s still this kind of love in the world 😀


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